Volleyball Had the MAC Shaking

Volleyball Had the MAC Shaking


Tonight was an intense fight between Mont Alto and visiting Brandywine.  Every year when Brandywine comes to town you know you're in for a fight, and Mont Alto was ready for the battle to begin.  The first set got no more than 2 points difference from either team until the last when Lexi Shaffer put down the 25th with authority to take the first set, 25-22.


Mont Alto cam out strong again in the second set to tak an early lead as sophomore Alexis Smith served for 8 straight points as Mont Alto would go up by as much as 10 points before Brandywine would storm back and take the set, 30-28.


Neither team was backing down coming into the third set, and would prove to be the same as the first two.  Back and forth, and back and forth they went again as the MAC grew louder and louder.  Mont Alto found themselves down 19-24, but asserted themselves to make a comeback and win the third set, 28-26.


The Mont didn't start the greatest in the fourth set, but with an ace from senior Alyssa Booth, Mont Alto kept fighting to take the set into extra points, but this time with Brandywine pulling it out, 30-32.


On to the fifth and final set, and not a sole person in the building was using all of their seat if at all.  The ladies went back and forth again, but Brandywine would eventually pull out the set, 18-16 to take the games , 3-2.


Freshman Katie Muse ended the night with 47 assists, Alyssa Booth had 54 digs, Becca Stott held 7 blocks, and Lexi Shaffer put out 14 kills.


The ladies play host again Thursday to visiting Christendom College at 8:00pm.